Water Damage Restoration In Connecticut

Professional Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration In CT

Water and Flooding Damage Mitigation

Storms and flooding. Plumbing issues. Leaky gutters. All of these things can lead to water damage inside your home or business—and that damage needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to ensure the health and safety of those inside.

CT Mold Pros can help restore your water-damaged property back to its original dry state. Our water damage mitigation specialists act quickly to neutralize the flow of water and prevent further damage from occurring. We will then demolish any damaged areas to avoid additional loss and remove all associated waste, allowing you to move forward with reconstruction and water damage restoration.

Our 4-Step Water Damage Restoration Process

The presence of mold in your home or workplace is a potential health and safety hazard. If ignored or left untreated, certain types of mold can impact indoor air quality and may cause breathing problems and allergic reactions in some people. Mold growth is also unpleasant to look at and may cause a distinct musty odor.

Step 1: Communication
CT Mold Pros prioritizes prompt and courteous communication throughout the entire water mitigation and restoration process. This includes working with insurance adjusters to confirm policy details and coverage. We will also verify that the water source has been identified and mitigation has taken place.
Step 2: Assessment
During the initial water damage mitigation assessment, CT Mold Pros will complete a thorough inspection of your property to determine the scope of the damage and identify how far and how deeply the moisture has migrated. In addition, we will assess any safety issues and move all undamaged items to a dry location.
Step 3: Extraction
When water is present, every second counts. Extraction typically begins within 48 hours of your initial assessment to remove the water and dry the affected area. CT Mold Pros uses advanced equipment to get the job done, including multiple commercial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and negative air machines.
Step 4: Removal
The final stage of our mitigation process involves removing all damaged materials from the space. This includes furniture; flooring (e.g., carpet, tile, wood); subflooring (underlayment); baseboards; beams; and drywall. During this stage, CT Mold Pros will also develop a water restoration plan for your home or business.
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Water Damage Restoration

After water mitigation is complete, CT Mold Pros will begin the water damage repair process. Water damage restoration is everything that happens after mitigation to fix damaged items and restore the property to the state it was in before the water damage occurred. It involves cleaning and disinfecting any salvageable items, as well as repairing and replacing damaged flooring, walls, and upholstery with new materials.

Insurance Claim Assistance

As part of our water damage mitigation and restoration services, CT Mold Pros works directly with insurance companies to determine policy coverage and ensure a streamlined process. Our team has extensive experience communicating with insurance providers and adjusters, and we will work with you to file your claim so you receive the compensation you deserve.

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