Disinfection and Antimicrobial Fogging

EPA-Registered Materials Neutralize Mold Growth and Odors

Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting

Mold Treatment Process

CT Mold Pros specialists are trained, certified, and equipped to effectively remove mold and prevent further mold growth in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Treatment is a critical step in our mold remediation process and comprises both disinfection and antimicrobial fogging.

Prior to spraying, our team will cover all items in the affected area with plastic sheeting to minimize damage and ensure the least amount of disturbance to your space. We then begin by using a liquid moldicide spray to render the mold inactive. This process is relatively quick and takes just minutes between coats.

A catalyst spray is then used to remove any visible staining. Depending on the extent of the staining, our specialists may also use hand tools such as wire brushes to remove more stubborn stains.

Next, we release an antimicrobial/antibacterial fog to penetrate tight spaces and effectively neutralize mold growth in porous items such as insulation. An odor neutralizer is also applied to remove any remaining odors.

Finally, CT Mold Pros will vacuum all vertical and horizontal surfaces within the space to remove any residual particles. We will also remove and dispose of any waste off site.


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