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Mold Remediation

Finding mold damage in your home or place of business can be scary. 

CT Mold Pros takes the stress out of mold removal and remediation so you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. 

Our highly trained and certified technicians provide specialized services for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. We follow a comprehensive 4-step mold remediation process that includes a full assessment of the home or commercial building, containment of the affected areas, treatment and neutralization, and removal. All mold removal and remediation work is conducted to industry standards to ensure the health and safety of your family, your staff, and your customers.

Why Worry About Mold?

The presence of mold in your home or workplace is a potential health and safety hazard. If ignored or left untreated, certain types of mold can impact indoor air quality and may cause breathing problems and allergic reactions in some people. Mold growth is also unpleasant to look at and may cause a distinct musty odor.

Containment Is Critical

Once mold damage is present, keeping it contained becomes critical. Mold spreads quickly, which means it can easily extend its reach to other areas of your home or business. During the mold remediation process, CT Mold Pros technicians take the time to meticulously isolate the contaminated areas, for example with polyethylene sheeting, to prevent the spread of mold from room to room. We then use air scrubbers (portable filtration systems) and negative air machines (which remove contaminated air) to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Moisture Source Identification

EPA experts tell us that the key to mold control is moisture control—which is why finding and fixing the moisture source in your home is equally important. During your mold remediation consult, CT Mold Pros will thoroughly inspect all areas to identify any potential moisture sources that may be contributing to mold growth. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces. 

Insulation Removal

In many cases, mold growth spreads to the fiberglass insulation that is used in the majority of homes and commercial buildings today. Though fiberglass itself is naturally mold resistant, it is often covered in paper backing, which may invite mold growth if installed in particularly damp areas such as a basement or crawl space. As part of our full-service mold remediation solution, CT Mold Pros removes, packs, and hauls away contaminated insulation.

Insurance Claim Assistance

You have enough on your plate worrying about mold damage. CT Mold Pros works directly with insurance companies to determine policy coverage and ensure a streamlined process. Our team has extensive experience communicating with insurance providers and adjusters, and we will work with you to file your claim so you receive the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold growth can happen anytime, anyplace—including your office building, retail storefront, restaurant business, or other commercial property. At CT Mold Pros, we aim to minimize business disruptions while ensuring the well-being of business owners, their staff, and their customers. Our commercial mold remediation solutions meet rigorous health and safety standards to mitigate mold risks and get you back to “business as usual” as quickly as possible.

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Attic Mold Remediation

Attics are among the most common areas where mold growth is found in the home. Unfinished attics in particular are often poorly ventilated and rarely used, with the exception of being used as a storage space. In addition, they tend to have a lot of exposed wood and insulation materials, which can attract mold. Mold growth in the attic is a major concern because it can enter your ventilation system and spread to other rooms in your home.

Basement Mold Remediation

Basements are another popular habitat for mold. Typically dark, not well-ventilated, and prone to flooding, they are a magnet for moisture and mold growth. Our basement mold remediation service begins with a thorough inspection of the area to assess the damage, identify moisture sources, and establish a safe and effective containment and removal strategy. 


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