Indoor Air Quality Testing in Connecticut

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Mold Air Quality Inspections

CT Mold Pros is committed to ensuring safe and healthy environments—from your family home to your place of business. If and when mold growth is suspected, our team will conduct indoor air quality testing to assess the scope and severity of the problem and to help determine the best solution for removal and remediation.

Our services are frequently requested by home inspectors, insurance representatives, property managers, and other professionals after a preliminary visual inspection has revealed the presence of mold.

During an indoor air quality inspection, CT Mold Pros uses nationally accredited lab testing methods to determine what type of mold is present and the potential health and safety impact.

It is important to note that while CT Mold Pros provides indoor air quality testing and mold remediation services, we do not provide both services for the same property. It is standard practice that the two services be performed by different parties to ensure an ethical process.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

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