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Our Process

When dealing with mold, it is important to act quickly. CT Mold Pros mold remediation solutions were designed to minimize disruptions while creating safe and healthy environments for our customers.

Our IICRC- and BPI-certified specialists use the following 4-step process to effectively remove and prevent mold growth in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Indoor Air Quality in CT


A member of the CT Mold Pros team will come to your home or place of business for a free consultation. Your specialist will conduct a visual assessment of the area to determine the severity of the mold damage and the best way to address the issue.

If professional mold remediation is required, we will schedule your remediation and provide a written cost estimate for the service. At this time, we can also answer any questions you may have about our process or what to expect.

If the mold damage is minimal enough that remediation can be done without professional assistance, CT Mold Pros will advise the home or business owner on how to do it and which materials to use.

Note: If mold testing has been requested by a third party, CT Mold Pros will use nationally accredited lab testing tools and materials to identify the mold and help determine the best plan for mold removal and remediation.


To prevent the further spread of the mold throughout the residence, contaminated areas are taped off and fitted with polyethylene sheeting to form containment chambers. We then use negative air machines to remove contaminated air and prevent spores from entering other areas. Air scrubbers (portable filtration systems) with 3-stage HEPA filters are also implemented to filter contaminants to .3 microns.

CT Mold Pros Technician spraying mold


Treatment of the mold begins with an EPA-registered moldicide spray to render the mold inactive, followed by a catalyst spray to remove approximately 90% of staining in under 1 hour. Next, we release an antimicrobial fog (which neutralizes in 7-8 minutes) to penetrate tight spaces and insulation. Finally, we apply an odor neutralizer to remove any remaining odors.


During this last step, all vertical and horizontal surfaces within the affected space are vacuumed to remove any residual particles. CT Mold Pros specialists then remove and dispose of all waste offsite; this includes the removal of porous materials such as insulation and drywall.

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